I had an awesome morning down at a classic restoration business in today helping them with a HP All-in-One that was running so slow they couldn’t even use to browse the web or open simple word and excel documents. The was only 18 months old and was a basic AMD APU (combined CPU+GPU) with 4GB of RAM but was getting hammered by loads of unneeded applications running on startup. RAM, Hard Disk and CPU usage were all way up in the 90% range and it was struggling to do anything at all.
After some apps removed and a good tune-up plus some Windows settings and services better adjusted for the basic spec of the PC it was running much, much better and is now a decent usable office PC. I then setup a one click backup for him so he can easily backup all of his data in minutes to an external hard disk and breathe easy if ever distaster hits. I love getting to the end of a job and seeing the end result being my customer happy and can get back to work and can use their equipment that way it’s meant to be used.
After that it was off to the lush green hills of McLaren Vale to deliver a new laptop to a financial advisor and business coach. ⁣

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