I was down at a office in today helping out with some network security issues + a few other problems. They had a mysteriously large amount of data (around 40gb) downloaded in the space of 5 hours which wasn’t accounted for at all and suspected someone may have hacked into their wifi network or the password had become compromised.
I logged into their router and set a much more secure password with a combination of uppercase, lowercase, numbers and special characters which raises the possible combinations into the hundreds of millions thus reducing any future brute force or packet injection attacks by a lot.
I also sorted out some SMTP email relaying issues their front reception was having when forwarding emails by enabling outgoing authentication, using a secure SMTP server and enabling SSL/TLS for the connection. This sorted out any further email security vulnerabilities and got it all running smoothly again.
Lastly, I fixed a printing delay problem by updating their office printer driver to use a fixed IP address setup instead of the default auto-discovery option which was causing an odd TCPIP delay. In the end, they were happy and everything is working again the way it’s meant to be 🙂

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Mobile : 0404 110 526
Office : (08) 8387 9023

20170831 093729 RichtoneHDR Cyborg 300x169 - Real problems at a Real Estate office in Plympton
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