I upgraded this yesterday for a customer who contacted me and said it was VERY slow starting up, shutting down and running any sort of applications at all. After some basic testing and a bit of research based on the age of the , it was pretty easy to see that the standard 5400rpm 500gb hard disk was the main culprit for the tardiness. I planned to simply clone their old 500gb HDD to a new high speed 480GB but it hit a few snags, namely massive hard disk corruption on the existing 500gb drive. After a few tricks and a 6 hour long CHKDSK run I was able to successfully clone their slow and dying hard disk to the new lightning fast . And let me tell you, it certainly delivered. The used to take around 4 minutes to boot up Windows 10 before you could log in – now it takes under 25 seconds. Shutdown was also several minutes and is now under 10 seconds. Programs and data that used to lag every time you clicked on them now appear on screen in mere seconds. What used to be a slow old and dying now outperforms even many new laptops. Seriously, if you have an old or laptop that’s very slow – get an SSD installed. The difference is absolutely night and day and well worth every dollar on the .

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