for a customer of mine at today setting up their office printer on a new + sorting out some email issues then on the road again for some on-site support for another customer in the eastern suburbs getting her HP all in one back up and running. She called and said she had an issue that stopped her playing games and was coming up with an error along the lines of “DirectX 11 unhandled voilation”. Being a gamer myself I knew this sort of thing would be right up my alley and I had her sorted in no time. Her ATI Radeon drivers had become corrupted after a failed automatic update and were being automatically replaced with outdated and corrupted ones from the DLL cache every time a system restore took place. After doing a DLL + driver cleanup and re-installing the latest catalyst drivers it was game on! It’s funny to be able to say to a 65+ year old woman that I totally understand what she means when she says she likes to play a few games at the end of the day to mentally unwind and disconnect rather than sit like a zombie and watch TV shows 🙂

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