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Digital Insite is an onsite I.T solutions business serving homes and businesses across Adelaide by providing quality computers, hardware and accessories since March 2004. Digital Insite also provides friendly, professional onsite technical support for computer hardware, software, networks and other technology-based devices at competitive rates. For a full listing of our services please visit the Support page of our website.

Digital Insite is a 100% Australian owned, family operated business and is proudly South Australian based. Digital Insite's creators, owners and operators are Mark and Jayne Jansen. Previous to Digital Insite, Mark Jansen was employed full-time as an I.T manager and systems administrator for Connell Wagner for over 6 years. Jayne Jansen was previously employed by Bank SA as a branch manager for over 5 years. Together, Digital Insite offers a wealth of I.T and business experience.

We offer a wide range of on-site computer services including Networking, Broadband Internet setup, Wireless networks, PC troubleshooting, Virus removal; and specialise in Computer Sales and Upgrades, Hardware and Accessories, Repairs and Maintenance. We are based south of Adelaide and provide services to a wide range of corporate and domestic clientele through our mobile sales and support service.
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We currently support several large corporate clients in various fields such as Nursing, Plastics Manufacture and Sales, Civil and Structural Engineering, Bio-Ethics, Education, Curtain and Blinds supply and install, Electrical wholesale and distribution, Accomodation, Plumbing, Graphic Design, Real Estate, as well as a large and growing domestic customer base. We believe that however large or small your need for technology is - we can provide the solution.

Our primary goal is to provide cost-effective IT solutions combined with friendly, insightful and reliable support and advice to homes and businesses across Adelaide.

We are also very passionate about supporting those in need around the world through charitable giving to overseas aid and welfare such as Compassion Australia. Our goal is to build a strong business presence here in Australia by serving our customers with high quality products and support and in turn - we aim to support children and families overseas living in great poverty through our monthly donation program. To find out more about our donations program please visit the Donations page of our website.

frequently asked questions

Where is your shop located? Can I come and visit ?
Digital Insite is a 100% on-site Computer Sales and Support business - that means we come to you, home or office. We don't operate from a conventional shop-front, instead we operate purely from our advertising, website and 'word of mouth'. This means we can offer products at competitive prices and higher quality service than most normal computer stores. In the future - a lot of businesses will operate 'on demand' from either website or 'on call' ordering. At Digital Insite - the future is now.

What sort of after sales support do you provide? Can I call up as much as I like until my problem is fixed?

After purchasing a product or service from Digital Insite we provide an online support service called Customer Care. Customer Care is a free online support service for Digital Insite customers and is available from www.digitalinsite.net. We no longer provide free unlimited phone support due to time constraints and our very competitive pricing, however we are always happy to book an onsite support visit for you.

Is Digital Insite a franchise or part of a larger corporate company?

No, Digital Insite is a locally owned and operated Adelaide based business. We have no official ties to any corporations or suppliers - which means we are dedicated to you - the customer - to bring you the very best in products and services. It also means Digital Insite is not locked into buying from one supplier whose prices may rise and fall with inflation. Supporting a local business such as Digital Insite means you are helping the profits and economy increase in your immediate area which means a better environment for you and your children as well as increased future employment, as opposed to letting the profits go interstate or offshore. In addition, Digital Insite regularly contributes to several charities and community aid groups here in Adelaide.

What sort of experience does Digital Insite have? Can I trust my computer to be repaired or upgraded properly?

Sure, a fair question. Why trust your computer that's worth thousands of dollars to someone you're not sure can do the job properly? Digital Insite's founder and operating manager Mark Jansen has over 6 years corporate I.T. experience working in a Network Management, Helpdesk, Remote Support and hardware & software provisioning environment for one of the largest engineering companies in Australia. While working as a System's Administrator, Mark was directly responsible for over $350,000 worth of I.T. equipment and supported over 200 staff in a helpdesk environment in several states of Australia. Adding to that a lifetime of exposure to technology and computers and the result is someone you can trust who is dedicated to solving your problem - however large or small.

Are Digital Insite's PC's re-badged from another supplier or built in-house?

No, Digital Insite's PC's are purchased as high quality parts from reputable suppliers, then assembled, tested and provisioned as Digital Insite PC's right here from our office. At Digital Insite, we pride ourself on quality and workmanship and we believe our PC's and products reflect this ideal to our customers.

When I order a computer or product from Digital Insite, how long does it usually take to receive it?

In most cases, we deliver products next day from order (pending stock and supplier availability) however - if ordered before noon and your product is in stock, we can often deliver the same day as your order. Digital Insite computers (such as the POWERHOUSE and ECO-System) are kept in stock and are usually delivered the next day from order. There may be some small delays if custom parts or upgrades to our standard systems are required however we aim to deliver as soon as possible form ordered date.

Can I change the specifications of a computer I would like to order? And do you build customized computer systems from request?

Absolutely. We often have customers that request upgrades, changes or additional parts to our standard Digital Insite computer systems. We can also build a computer system completely to your request. Don't want a screen with your computer? Want your old hard disk transferred to the new PC? No worries. Simply call or email us to discuss your needs.

Why does Digital Insite charge for support 1/2 hourly?

At Digital Insite we believe in only paying for what you use. So if an onsite support job only takes 1/2 an hour - you'll only be charged for the 1/2 hour etc.

Onsite support? Does that mean at your site or at my home or office?

Onsite support means that we come to your home or office and fix the problem there. There are some cases where computers or equipment need to be taken back to our office for further analysis or in-depth problem resolution, however we solve the majority of technical support issues onsite. In short, onsite support saves you 'unplugging and lugging' your system to a support center and allows you get to back to work or play - with minimal downtime.

Does Digital Insite provide onsite support after hours? And does it come at an extra cost?

We understand how busy life can be and yes, we do provide after hours onsite support for those that are occupied during normal business hours. We charge a slightly higher rate for after hours and weekend onsite technical support. Please contact us to confirm our rates should you require urgent out of hours support.

Is there any discount if I bring my computer or device to Digital Insite for repairs or upgrades?

Sure, we welcome customers to bring their equipment to our workshop for repairs, upgrades and support. There is no callout fee applied to customers who bring their equipment to us. Please contact us first to arrange a suitable time for collection and pickup.

Does Digital Insite offer fixed contracts for ongoing support ?

Absolutely. Please contact Digital Insite to arrange a meeting to better discuss your needs and duration of support so that a support contract can be tailored to your business. Digital Insite also offers discounts for charities and non-profit organisations.

Can I have the Digital Insite Technology News and monthly specials sent to my email inbox?

Sure. Just visit www.digitalinsite.net, click on the NEWS link and then register for the monthly Technology News and specials to be sent to your inbox by clicking the link provided.

Does Digital Insite provide support for Television, HiFi and home theatre installations and configuration?

We sure do. Digital Insite's sales, support and service not only applies to the I.T. industry but also for all your home entertainment needs. We can provide installation and support for digital television, surround sound systems, DVD recorders and many other home entertainment devices.

What sort of payment methods does Digital Insite use for sale of goods, services and support?

Digital Insite is a C.O.D. business and accepts payment for goods and services in the form of Cash, Cheque, EFTpos and Credit Card (Visa/Master Card/Diners/AMEX). *Please note AMEX and Diners cards attract a 4% surcharge. Our mobile payment system also accepts all P.I.N. based debit and EFTpos cards. Should you wish to pay via credit card, please notify your sales consultant of your credit card type to ensure it is supported by our payment system. Digital Insite may request additional ID such as a drivers license number when accepting personal cheques, please do not be offended as this is simply a security procedure our bank requests. We can also provide a 7 day payment account to corporate and regular customers once our approval criterea has been met (7 day accounts are not available to first time customers). Please contact us for more information or if you wish to have a 7 day payment account setup for your business.

What happens when something goes wrong with my Digital Insite computer or product?

All Digital Insite products come with free Customer Care support which is available from www.digitalinsite.net, so if anything goes wrong or you simply have a question about a feature etc - use Customer Care to send off an e-mail or call us for help, were glad to assist. All Digital Insite PC's also come with 12 months Hardware warranty (several parts may carry longer replacement warranty where specified). Provided you are a customer within 25km radius of the Adelaide CBD, we provide a free pickup and drop off service for Warranty - customers outside this area will be charged a transit fee. Warranty on Digital Insite computer systems does not cover operating system failure, software malfunction, data loss or virus/internet/e-mail related issues. Should you have a problem outside of warranty terms, we can arrange to have your PC or product repaired or replaced ASAP.

What ways can I get in contact with Digital Insite?

Digital Insite can be contacted by either Office Telephone (08 83879023) or E-mail. Office hours are 9am till 5pm.

Will Digital Insite still deliver "to my door" even though I live at "Wogga Woop Woop" ?

Digital Insite will deliver free to your door for locations within 25km radius of the Adelaide CBD. Delivery outside of this area will attract transit fees dependant upon location.

I didn't buy a Digital Insite PC but I need help? Does Digital Insite provide support for non-sale computers and products?

Sure. Digital Insite provides support for a lot of customers with PC's and products not purchased from Digital Insite. Call us to discuss your problem and we will provide a solution for you - however large or small.

Why the name "Digital Insite" ?

After several discussions in the early stages of the business, a friend and business partner of mine gave me the idea for the name. DIGITAL - which means "Of or relating to a device that can read, write, or store information that is represented in numerical form" and INSIGHT - "The capacity to discern the true nature of a situation, the act or outcome of grasping the inward or hidden nature of things or of perceiving in an intuitive manner". The name was then adapted to "Digital Insite" to better reflect the "onsite" nature of the business and create an original IP. And thus Digital Insite was born.

Does Digital Insite provide any sort of advice when it comes to purchasing computers, upgrades or other products? Even if its from another supplier?

We sure do. Digital Insite is happy to provide advice to any potential customer - whether you decide you are best served by us or a competitor. Obviously, we would love to be able to provide products and services to you, but at the end of the day, the choice is yours. We also may be limited in the amount of detailed advice we can provide on a competitors product, however we will always endeavour to best meet your needs.

Can Digital Insite help me design and implement a computer network in my home or office?

With over 6 years of hands-on networking experience using and maintaining hubs, switches, routers, servers, local and wide area networks as well as e-mail systems, backup and archival and Internet transport systems such as ADSL and frame-relay - Sure, we can help. Whether you're looking at setting up a 2 PC home network for Internet and file sharing, or a total office solution for your business - Digital Insite can provide the solution.

I have an old computer or product and wish to sell it, does Digital Insite buy second-hand computers and equipment?

Unfortunately no, we no longer purchase second hand equipment for resale. This is mainly due to the fact that we cannot guarantee the product's good working order and reliability. At Digital Insite, we pride ourselves on quality and always ensure that our customers receive only the best.

How does Digital Insite invoice for jobs? Is it for each task completed or the time taken ?

Digital Insite invoices at our standard support rates (call or email us to confirm) for the time taken to complete the task and not for the task itself. If a job is taking much longer or is more complex than originally expected our sales consultant will advise you of options as to how to proceed for the completion of the task (such as return-to-base, telephone or e-mail support). In general, we instruct our sales consultants to diagnose the problem within the first 15 minutes and provide a recommended course of action which is clearly communicated to the customer before proceeding with further repairs or support. Digital Insite's support rates are charged from the minute our sales consultant arrives at the customer's premises and ends when the task is completed or at the customer's choice.

What are my refund rights if a product I purchase is found faulty?

At Digital Insite we always strive to provide the very best quality products to our customers however, due to mass production and manufacturing there is the possibility of faulty goods from our suppliers. Digital Insite operates according to the existing Australian Trading Laws (see www.accc.gov.au) and will refund, replace or provide a credit note for any product found to be faulty, wrongly described, different from a sample shown, or doesn't do what it's supposed to do. We do not offer refunds, exchanges or credit notes after transaction for customers who change their mind or make a wrong selection. Refunds are also governed by the 'fair usage' policy which dictates that if the use of the goods (by the customer) has affected the fault, a partial refund only or repair / replacement of goods is required by law. We encourage our customers to examine and test any products purchased as soon as possible (within 7 days) to ensure correct working order and to contact Digital Insite immediately should a fault be found so that we can arrange refund / replacement / credit note depending upon the circumstances. Warranty and refunds do not apply to goods that have been damaged through incorrect usage / application or undue care on the customers part.

How long do I have to get a refund / exchange / credit on a faulty product?

The majority of products we stock have a 12 month replacement warranty which covers manufacturers faults and defects. Several products however, carry 2 and 3 years replacement warranty where specified. Refunds for faulty goods are governed by the "reasonable period of time" policy (nominally within 7 days of purchase - see 'fair usage' policy above) after which a replacement or credit note will be provided depending on the circumstances and use of the product. As a general rule - if a product is working as intended for over 7 days and then a fault develops through usage, Digital Insite cannot offer a refund for goods but will instead provide a replacement or credit note depending on the circumstances of the sale.

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