You may have heard that an SSD upgrade can help speed up your or . Here’s the reasons why…

As far as speed, a mechanical hard disk has moving parts and gets slower with use – especially after years of usage. An SSD is a large memory chip with no moving parts so by design it’s transfer rates for read and write are much faster (up to 10x). SSD’s also don’t get noticeably slower over time with use. The biggest difference you’ll see after an SSD upgrade is boot time, running programs and shutting down. I did a few SSD  last week and saw their boot time from powered off to fully loading the desktop ready for use go from 3 to 4 minutes reduced down to under 20 seconds. Large Excel sheets used to take around a minute to open and now open in about 2 seconds. The reason an SSD makes such a difference is it’s transfer speeds – you is always transferring data and if it can do that faster – then everything speeds up because queue times for programs and loading is massively reduced.

In short, an SSD upgrade speeds up your computer by essentially removing the bottleneck of its data communication.

Need to upgrade your PC or laptop with an SSD? Contact me and I’d be more than happy to help.

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