A business customer of mine who now mainly works from home contacted me with a few issues on his home that were preventing him from getting his work done. As this type of setup (remotely working from home) is becoming more and more common, it’s very important that everything as far as your home is working as it should to help you get done what you need to do. He was having some issues upgrading to the latest 2018 version of MYOB which I was able to to resolve for him on both his and Microsoft Surface Pro as well as some odd printing and scanning issues. I tested the scanner / printer and was able to work out that the settings had been changed to look for a networked scanner / printer instead of a simple locally connected USB variety. After supplying him an inexpensive USB printer cable and then connecting the direct to the scanner / printer he was up and running and working 100% of the time rather than the hit and miss issues he was having previously. I was able able to easily network the ’s printer and scanner connection to his Surface Pro which made everything work seamlessly. 

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