A customer contacted me asking the question whether they should simply replace a very slow and very cheap (under $500) HP desktop they had bought a few years back for basic home use. I gave them pricing on a new system but also said I could take a look and let them know if their would accept a high speed SSD to replace the very slow standard mechanical hard disk. I explained to them that very often the biggest contributing factor to the speed of a (or lack thereof) is quite commonly the hard disk – so replacing an old mechanical hard disk for an SSD is a great way to turn an old clunker into a decently fast . I tell my customers to expect around 5 times the speed from their after an SSD upgrade and in some cases it can be even more than that. He decided to go ahead with the upgrade so I cloned his slow mechanical hard disk to the high speed SSD and made the necessary changes to Windows to make it work. In the end his PC is now easily 5 times faster at booting up, program use and shutting down and every single setting and piece of data (documents, pictures, files etc) are all exactly as they were thanks to the beauty of how the cloning process works. He now has a good, fast for well under half the price of a new one!

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