Today I’m helping out at a school in AberfoylePark with various issues that have arisen after a new video conferencing system has been installed allowing teachers to conduct lessons to other schools across Australia. With any technology that pushes the boundaries, there will always be teething issues and this setup is certainly not without a few technical hurdles to overcome. Overall the system works really well and allows teachers to use their skills in a much wider capacity. The latest setup consists of small form factor thinkcentre ’s connected to a logitech echo cancelling conferencing webcam/ microphone as well as an additional BOSE sound bar to give the audio some extra oomph. The is also connected to two 65″ wall mounted LED screens to allow for a remote view of the classroom as well as media sharing for the content the teacher is currently teaching from. It’s a really cool setup that does a brilliant job and is a great example of using the latest technology to further education across Australia. 

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