A man from Marion contacted me saying his was running very slow and would occasionally crash and shutdown. He also mentioned that the was very noisy and seemed to be blowing out a lot of hot air. I had a look at the and started by doing a tuneup on it top disable any unwanted startupprograms. In it’s present state, the CPU usage was around 90% or above at all times as well as a the hard disk usage peaking at 100% for extended periods of time. I then ran a malware scan and found and removed around 6 different malware programs that were definitely contributing to the slow performance issues he was having. His antivirus had expired so I removed that and replaced it for a good, reliable, lightweight one and also instructed him on how to scan and remove malware in the future. After the tuneup, his now running much cooler, faster and was no longer shutting down during normal use with the CPU usage at around 30% average and hard disk usage down to 20%. Sometimes all you need is a good tuneup to get it back up and running again!

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