Here's another one of those handy little tips that you may or may not already know. Accessing the task manager on your or is a super useful way of finding out what's happening on your behind the scenes and on a hardware level. The Task Manager can tell you if your CPU is being maxed out, which programs are using all of your RAM or even tell you if it's your hard disk that may making your laptop or PC really slow. The Task Manager is also the go to place if you need to terminate a hung program that is no longer responding. 

There are several ways to access the task manager but the way I'm going to show you is hands down the fastest and easiest way…

Simply press CTRL, SHIFT and ESC… and BAM! There's your Task Manager. Nice huh?

That little keyboard shortcut will save you at least 2 seconds every time you need to get to the Task Manager which equates to on average an extra hour of free time per day to do other cool stuff. Ok, maybe that's not 100% accurate but it's still a cool handy tip 🙂

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