A customer from Seaton contacted me saying their ACER desktop keeps freezing up and is stuck in a boot up loop after a Windows 10 update keeps trying to install. Unfortunately, Windows 10 doesn’t give you any any option to stop it’s automatic updates and usually this is never a problem as the updates provide increased security and improve features and performance but in this case the updates were rendering the completely useless and unusable. 

This is where I come in 🙂 My goal was to disable this offending Windows 10 update and revert their PC to the previous version of Windows 10 without the freezing and boot up problems. I dug in and ran a few hacks in the task scheduler that stopped Windows 10 from doing it’s automatic update checking then I proceeded to disable the Windows 10 update service. I noticed that there was still some update functions running so I downloaded a free tool called the Update Disabler which basically installs a service that handicaps and disables the Windows 10 automatic updates. You can still manually update but in this case for my customer I recommended them not to as it would only put them back to square one and ruin Windows 10 all over again. Once the automatic updates were completely disabled my customer was able to use their PC again as per normal. 

In a nut shell, I don’t recommend you disable the Windows 10 updates unless you really need to as in this case. I generally find the updates don’t cause any major issues on newer PC’s and laptops (3 years old or newer), these odd issues seem to only happen on older Windows 7 era PC’s and laptops which was the case for the one I mentioned above. The updates do provide necessary security patches etc but if these patches are the things that are stopping you from using your PC then it’s obvious that they have to go. 

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