One of my long time 15 years+ customers from Lonsdale emailed me saying that the wireless connection on their modem was having problems connecting to their desktop as well as the 4 iPad’s they own. They had spent lengthy periods of time speaking to the phone from their internet provider but didn’t get a resolution.

I started off by connecting a long Ethernet cable to their modem and logging in to the modem config page in their browser. I noticed that their wireless network settings were set to the factory default WPA settings which is now considered a security risk as WPA can now be hacked using freely available tools. I changed their wireless network name, wireless password and encryption settings to WPA2 with AES/TKIP to bring them up to date with the current recommended security profiles.
Npw that the wireless side of things was sorted on their modem next up it was simply a case of connecting all of their wireless devices to the new network name and testing the connection quality. After a few runs on YouTube and I was happy to say that they were back up and running better than ever 🙂

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