A customer from South Brighton contacted me saying his security company had requested that he get an I.T person to re program his modem to allow the CCTV to be able to be viewed and monitored remotely. That’s where I come in 🙂 I logged in to his modem and found the port forwarding section and created the required port forwards needed for for the CCTV DVRsystem to be able to be connected to from an IPaddress outside of the premises. I also added the DVR into the DMZ on the modem as this is also often required to allow full functionality to the software. In a nut-shell what this does is create a small low-risk security exception on the modem to allow external network traffic to enter the network – basically a request to see the CCTV cameras from anywhere outside of the premises. Once the port forwards were all setup he was good to go for viewing his CCTV security system from an app on his phone or tablet. 

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