Today I’m down at Hallett Cove helping a nice couple with their Mac Book Air laptops. One of the laptops was up to date on OSX 10.13 High Sierra but was having a few issues with their email not coming through properly. I checked their settings and noticed that a few of the security and encryption settings were incorrect and as a lot of internet service providers are requiring these to be activated these days, your email won’t work properly if you don’t get these sorted. Once I had that setup the email was working great so it was on to the other Mac Book Air. This one was running 10.12 Sierra and needed the update the 10.13 High Sierra in order for the antivirus the customer had purchased to work properly. I kicked off the update and after a little while it had downloaded the 50GB (thanks to very fast NBN!) and the update was underway. Once 10.13 High Sierra was installed I was able to install the new antivirus and also setup the email account. Both users wanted to have it so that when they opened their Mac Book Air laptops they didn’t need to put in the password each time so I also enabled auto-sign in for them just to make life a little easier 🙂 

280 - Hallett Cove Computer Support : Setting up email and antivirus on two Mac Book Air laptops
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