Another day and another customer with more Outlook issues… Today it was a customer from Glen Osmond who was using Outlook 2007 as well as an older 2003 version of Outlook on another and was having issues with the two laptops displaying emails correctly using IMAP. I looked into the settings and was able to find out what the problem was and was able to get both versions of Outlook to play nicely and display emails as they should. I also set up an application on his primary called Samsung SideSync that allows you to essentially remote control and view your phone on your via wifi as well as displaying any on screen phone notifications on the too. He found this really handy if he didn’t happen to have his phone with him but was working on the and it let him reply to txt messages by simply typing on the keyboard rather than using the on screen phone keyboard. 
280 22 - Glen Osmond Onsite Computer Support : Samsung Galaxy A5 PC sync setup and Outlook issues
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