A customer from Seacliff called me up saying he was having various issues with Outlook 2010 on his . I took a look at this problems and was able to resolve most of the issues with a simple control panel / application repair but a few niggling problems persisted. He was using the Office 365 version of Outlook and was due to pay again for another year so I offered the suggestion of Thunderbird to him instead. He also mentioned that he wanted to get his own email address for his business rather than rely on his bigpond account for emails. I registered a new domain and hosting account for him and set up his new email using IMAP in Thunderbirdon his . He was very impressed at how fast and responsive Thunderbird is compared to Outlook and he really liked the simple, clean layout. I then undertook the process of copying all of his emails across from Outlook to Thunderbird. Outlook and Thunderbird don’t share email data files nor do they transfer between each other but with the help of some very clever 3rd party tools I had all of his emails exported from Outlook and imported into Thunderbird in the same folder structure he was used to seeing. All up, he’s now on a much faster, more reliable email system and he has his own email address for his business 🙂 

280 19 - Seacliff Onsite Computer Support : New domain and email address setup + transfer from Outlook to Thunerbird
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