One of my customers who lives in the heart of the  CBD contacted me saying he was having some issues installing a custom instrument library for the Ableton music application on his . I had helped him with his before so I was familiar with his system but had to stop and think for a bit to tackle this one. He had a 250GB SSD as his primary drive and a 2TB mechanical drive as his secondary data drive and was running into some strange errors when trying to install the custom library for Ableton. Basically, the installer would run then start to download the required files from the Internet then crash mid way through the installer no matter what he tried. I tried all of the obvious tricks like “run as administrator”, clear the temp files, remove any appdatarelated to the installer but had no luck. My last idea was to try running the installer from the root of C: drive rather than from the downloads folder that was located on his 2TB secondary drive. To my surprise, this actually worked and the installer downloaded all of the files it needed and get us underway. Sometimes is the simple things that get you back up and running 🙂  
280 20 - Adelaide City Onsite Support : Helping a musician installing custom library samples for Ableton
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