A customer from McLaren Vale called me up with a problem on their desktop that is taking a very long time to boot up in the morning. They also said they were experiencing freezing up randomly throughout the day. I tested the and tried to boot it up and found that it was hanging on the first BIOS screen for about 8 minutes before proceeding to load Windows 10. My first port of call with this type of problem is to always remove any USB devices such as flash drives, external hard disks and any other removable devices. Unfortunately in this case, this didn’t help and the same 8 to 10 minute delay persisted. I then went into Windows and checked the motherboard build date in the system information panel  and found out that it was manufactured in 2009 making it almost 10 years old. A motherboard being this old is often the cause for these types of freezing up and boot up errors so I had to break the news to my customer that they’ve had a very good run up until this point but it might be time to consider a new . The good news is that one of our Digital Insite systems would absolutely eclipse the performance of this old box more than 5 times over so they can look forward to a much faster and productive 🙂   
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