A customer from Corromandel East contacted me saying their modem had died after a lightning storm and a power failure had hit their area. I tested the modem and confirmed it was faulty as it was no longer able to get DSL line sync to their internet service provider. I installed the new modem I supplied which was located in a front room of their house then also installed a  powerline adapter kit with a second wireless access point for the back end of the house where the bedrooms were.  Their daughter was previously getting 1 or no bars for the wireless signal in her bedroom but now with the new powerline kit and wireless access point installed just outside her room she is now getting full 5 bars for wireless. As anyone who has teenagers will know this is “kinda a big deal” 🙂 A bad wireless signal in your home or office isn’t something you have to live with – I can help you get full signal in every corner of your place!

280 18 - Corromandel East Onsite Computer Support : New modem installed with power line adapters and second wireless access point
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