A long time customer called me up saying their Windows 10 had suddenly stopped booting up. I asked what they were seeing when they hit the power button and they said they see he ASUS logo and then a black screen and the whole system powers off. I immediately suspected a faulty motherboard and asked them if I could take it back to my workshop to do some in depth testing. After some further testing I was able to rule out the motherboard as the source of the fault and now had my attention turned to the RAM. It’s quite rare for memory to be faulty or to go bad but it can happen so I started more testing with this in mind. After swapping out the DDR4 RAM sticks for some brand new ones I was able to confirm that it was indeed faulty RAM and not the motherboard. This was a huge relief too as swapping the RAM takes literally 30 seconds whereas changing the motherboard is a much more involved process. In the end after some brand new RAM went in they were back in the game 🙂

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