A nice lady from Glenelg called me up saying her Dell laptop was running very, very slow and was recommended by one of her friends to give me a call about speeding it up. I had a look at the laptop and after a few tests I was able to tell that the manufacture date was around 2009 which by today’s standards is quite old. After some further tests though I was able to tell that her laptop did indeed have a SATA3 type hard disk and even though it was a modest spec laptop (Core2 Duo / 4GB RAM)  I was able to give her the option to upgrade to a high speed SSD which would immediately alleviate the speed issues coming from her very slow 5400 RPM mechanical hard disk that came originally supplied with the laptop. After some tricks and a bit of head scratching I was able to completely clone her original hard disk to the new SSD in a perfect mirror image which meant that every single thing on her laptop including stayed exactly as it was except was now running on an infinitely faster hard disk 🙂 She was wrapped as it meant she didn’t have to go through the process of setting everything up on a new laptop and was able to be back up and running on a much faster system for well under half the price!

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