I had the pleasure of supplying and installing of our full Powerhouse system to a nice elderly man and his wife in . His old PC was an AMD Sempron with 2GB of RAM and an 80GB hard disk running on Windows XP. Although it was quite impressive that the 14+ year old PC was still running, it was horribly slow by today’s standards and he wanted to get back up to speed so he could save photos from his Digital SLR camera to the PC and edit them without it taking 10 minutes for each photo. Opening and replying to an email took over 10 minutes on the old system! I installed our new Digital Insite Powerhouse PC that comes complete with a large 27″ widescreen LED, a fast i5 Processor, 8GB RAM, high speed SSD + SSHD storage, USB speakers, wireless keyboard and mouse + Windows 10  and transferred all of his photos, documents and emails across to the new system.

I always make it my focus to help the process of transferring to a new PC as easy and painless as possible for my customers by getting all of their data across from the old PC to the new system in it’s correct place, completely setting up their email including transferring old emails from the previous system, and explaining how to use the new system. If my customers ever get stuck I’m always just a phone call or email away and always happy to help 🙂

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