I was down at the very picturesque and always beautiful today helping a man who runs a CAD drafting business from . He was having some issues with his internet security and antivirus that was blocking him from accessing certain functions of his internet banking as well as some general file management and backup issues on the . I quickly sorted out the internet security issues by adding an exception for the banking website in the antivirus software and also set up for him a much better file management and folder structure system for storing his documents and plans.

I then created an automated backup system that runs at 5pm each night and looks to see if his backup drive is plugged in – if it is then the backup will run and backup everything that has changed since the last backup – if his backup drive isn’t plugged in it simply skips the backup. I also made an easy desktop shortcut for him so that he can also manually run the backup to his external hard disk at any time. Simple, fast and smart at the same time and it gave him peace of mind that his data is always safely backed up.

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