I had another odd one today, a lady from a crash repairer at called saying her screen had gone pink and it was difficult to see the text as a result. I automatically assumed it would be a cable fault especially if she was using a VGA cable with pin outputs so when I got on-site this was the first thing I checked by swapping it with a new cable. The funny thing was it fixed part of the issue – namely the monitor not being correctly detected and not displaying the correct 1920×1080 native resolution but the strange pink tint was still there.

I then dug into the monitor configuration through the intel graphics settings and found that someone had accidentally changed the brightness, gamma and contrast for the red channel to max in all values probably in an attempt to fix the resolution issues. I put these back to the default settings and voila – everything looked great again. They also had some issues with their wireless network dropping out which was easily resolved by changing the wireless channel on the modem to another channel that wasn’t getting so much interference from all the other wireless networks in the area.

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