Today I’m helping out a crash repairer in Christies Beach with one of their office PC’s not booting up to Windows. The manager told me that if you wait long enough it sometimes loads the desktop in Windows 10 after about 10 minutes of loading. I told him that my immediate suspicious were of a slow, old mechanical hard disk dragging the whole system down and said that an SSD upgrade would go a long way to the computers performance (or huge lack thereof). He agreed to go ahead with the upgrade so I took the PC back to my workshop in Hallett Cove and began by installing the new SSD and getting Windows 10 setup on the new drive.

It was very easy to see the chasm of performance difference once the SSD went in – especially now that the system booted up to the Windows 10 desktop in around 10 seconds. That’s a fairly decent performance upgrade from 10 minutes! All up, the didn’t lose any data, they have a system that’s super quick to use and didn’t lose any data at all. 

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