A nice lady from called this week saying her was running really slow and was becoming very frustrating to use. I asked her how old it was and she guessed about 4 years so I immediately suggested upgrading her slow old 5400rpm standard mechanical hard disk to a high speed . I explained to her that it’s a very painless experience as I clone the data from the old hard disk to the new one so essentially the or laptop looks and operates exactly the same – just a whole lot faster.

She agreed to go ahead and within 24 hours she had her laptop back on her desk now running at least 5 times and in some cases even 10 times faster! She was especially happy with the speed the laptop now booted up, how fast it now ran her programs and the fact that all her personal files and work was untouched and exactly as it was before. On top of that she gave her 4 year old laptop a new lease of life and didn’t need to fork out over a thousand dollars on a new one.

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