Another interesting one today in the heart of the CBD. A customer of mine called saying he was having an odd issue with his email where all of the emails were coming in just fine but he was only able to send out a few emails each morning and then would get a message coming up in Outlook 2016 that said something along the lines of “Email rejected by Host / RCP quota ”.

I did a bit of research on-site and my first port of call was to check if I could log into his email account through the webmail address which seemed to work fine at first although the sending issue occurred even in his webmail for the same account. This confirmed to me that it was some sort of account issue which unfortunately he tried to resolve the day before but got nowhere after being on the phone to overseas for over 3 hours. I had an idea which I thought might get him around the problem and would save us the heartache of having to call again.

Basically what I did was set the authentication for his outgoing to have the username and password of one of his work colleagues – this way his emails were still coming in as per normal as the incoming was using his email address and password to collect the new emails and then when he sends out it uses the other details and got around the error. We had no luck finding the actual reason as to why his email account was blocking all outgoing emails after the first few and the hosting providers phone support didn’t seem to want to try very hard at all to help but he was happy with this clever work around and was able to get back to work. I suggested he look into changing to another hosting company with much better support for their products and services when his plan comes up for renewal.

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