My adventures took me to today to help a girl with her laptop that she suspected had been into and her passwords had been compromised. The first thing I checked was her anti- which had expired but didn’t give her any notice about it so I remedied that by installing a new antivirus for her.

Next up I checked the programs in the startup for her laptop as well as deleting any and all temp files for both her profile and for Windows 10 itself (viruses and love to hide in temp file locations). Next I checked her scheduled tasks as I’ve seen quite a lot of viruses hide in there so they can run at different intervals or even a minute or two after startup so you don’t notice them. She did have a few tasks that were very suspicious looking that referenced strange files located in folders inside the appdata area of her profile.

After seeing enough to warrant a good scan, I ran a malware removal tool which found over 800 infections. Needless to say once all the malware was gone and a good tuneup was done on her laptop, She was happy and things were running much better!

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