A mechanic in Lonsdale called me up today saying he was having all sorts of problems with his internet connection since the NBN roll-out started a few weeks back in his area. Telstra had switched him over to the NBN a week ago but a few days later a guy from the NBNCO messed with the node and killed their connection all together (and likely all the other businesses nearby too).

Since then they’ve gone dark and haven’t been able to do anything online which in this day and age for any business is an absolute nightmare. He wasn’t able to look up parts, watch instructional videos, send and receive emails or invoice any of his customers.

As you can imagine he wasn’t too happy at all. I helped him by installing a few USB Wi-Fi adapters in his office PC’s and connected the PC’s and his wireless printer through his iPhone as a hot-spot. It’s no replacement for a good high speed broadband connection but at least right now they’re back online and can keep the cogs of the business turning.

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