Fun and games trying to get some circa 2005 Point of Sale SQL based software to network to the two other sales PC’s at a catering business in Lonsdale today. Windows 7 64bit and any versions above that really don’t like to play nice with apps designed around the older SQL builds and have a huge hissy fit when you try to run them as they were originally coded for 32bit environments. Upgrading the whole software package to the latest version wasn’t an option as it would have cost thousands of dollars and would require my customer to upgrade their old but perfectly working sales terminals in the store… so that’s where I come in 🙂

A whole lot of tweaking, hot fixes and some plain old trial and error got me there in the end and now the main point of sale PC that handles all of the stock levels and sales is talking nicely and sending and receiving packets to and from the sales terminals in the shop and behaving just like it should – except it’s now running like lightning thanks to Windows being installed on an SSD and much better hardware in the system.

They’re back in business so I’m happy. On to the next job…

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