A customer in called and said his was running very slow when he was on facebook. I checked the for malware and viruses and removed his outdated antivirus for a better one. The run better overall but the issue with facebook was still there. Whenever you visited the site, there was a delay in loading images or videos on the page and sometimes they wouldn’t even load at all. His modem was over 6 years old and was doing some strange things as well as very poor wireless coverage so I replaced it with a high range wireless N modem. Wireless coverage was much better and speedtest reported over 15mbit for his connection (versus the 9mbit he was getting on the old modem) but strangely the facebook delay was still there. I dug deeper and did a bit of research online and found out some information about SSL and HTTPS connections having issues while using Windows Vista. My customer had Windows Vista so this seemed to fit the bill. Long story short, the antivirus was doing a “web scan” of HTTPS connections which was basically never completing it’s scan and causing the delay and load failures. I don’t think HTTPS scanning is really required as it’s already an encrypted connection anyway etc. So, I selectively disabled only the optional HTTPS scanning and BAM – all issues resolved. The easy way out would be to say to my customer “Vista is old and you need a new ” but I like to know why things do what they do rather than take the easy road. In the end, everything works fine on his and much faster too 🙂

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